Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a mixtape anyhow?
According to Wikipedia, a mixtape is the generic name given to any compilation of songs recorded onto a Compact Cassette, Compact Disc, music file, or any other audio format. According to us, we think it is the best and most personal way to share music in the digital age. I think any of you reading this can relate to sending a curated mix to your high school crush, remember how you carefully selected all the songs so they would have a special meaning for person you were making a mixtape for? Well, we have recreated that experience for you because we truly feel thata mixtape is an artform that deserves be carried on.

Q: Okay I buy that... so I joined... now what?
So you probably want to doa couple of things... however since you are a n00b, we want to ease you into the world of First it might be a good idea to get the lay of the land by taking a listen to some mixtape that have already been made. I suggest you check out this guy we hear he makes a mean mixtape. One you feel like you have a good grip on what to do here you probably want to make a mixtape of your own

Q: How do I listen to a mixtape?
Whoa! we got you covered there too! get out of our heads! :P... Click here to get the low down

Q: How do I create a mixtape?
Glad you asked! We have an entire page dedicated to this topic. Click here to get the low down

Q: How do I dedicate a mixtape?
First you have to connect with your Facebook account (If you don't have one dont dispair, we're working on hooking you guys up to... we did hear some things about people without Facebook accounts though...). If you have connected your Facebook account, on the last step of making a mixtape you should see a list of your facebook friends. You simply have to checkoff all the folks you want to dedicate your mixtape to and then hit the share button... simple as that.

Q: What's with the 60 minute limit per mixtape?
We want to keep with the spirit of the mixtape by having a 30 minute limit per side just like physical cassette tapes had back in the day. Plus we wanted to make sure that you added best of the best songs to your mixtape, cause we don't like to leave room for average :P

Q: What's the cover art all about?
We think that adding a cover art is the perfect personal touch to add to your already awesome mixtape. We let you upload your own cover art, add photos from Facebook or Instagram. We're looking to add more sources as we type this so stay tuned!