How To
How to Create a mixtape
Creating a mixtape on couldn't be easier. To start the process click on the "Create Mixtape" button on the top navigation. On the first step of the mixtape creation process you will be required to enter a title for your mixtape. Once you have entered the perfect title to your awesome mixtape, naturally you will be able to start adding some songs to your mixtape. We don't have many rules, but we do have two important rules. First rule, you must add atleast one song (I guess that technically makes it a mixtape...). Second rule, we limit you to 60 minutes of music and 30 minutes per side, just like on a real cassette tape (if you're old enough to remember :P) we enforce this rule because we think it is important for you to choose the best music for your mixtape. To add songs, enter the name of a song or name of an artist in the search field located to the right of the mixtape sleeve. Once you search for say "Gin and Juice" you should see a set of results appear directly below the search field. When you see the match you are looking for which is usually at the very top of the results, simply click "Add to Side A/B" and you will see the song magically appear to the left on the mixtape sleeve. Now just repeat this process until you have constructed the perfect mixtape. Once you're finished scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Next - Add Design" button.

Now that you have added the perfect songs for your mixtape, you can then move on to designing your mixtape. There are three things that you can customize on your mixtape. You can customize the cover art, the cassette style and the background image for your mixtape. In order to customize your cover art, you can select from three options. You can connect to your Facebook and Instagram account to use one of your existing photos as your mixtape cover art. You will also be able to upload a photo or image from your computer as your mixtape cover art. For those of you who like to get creative and design your own mixtape cover art, the dimesions for your image should be 520px x 340px. The cassette style and the background image for your mixtape are optional but you will be able to choose froma variety of images that we have provided for you that match the mood of your mixtape. Once you have finished cutomzing your mixtape you can now move on the the third and final step of the process which is to fill in the details and most importantly dedicate your mixtape to your friends

You've added the perfect songs and customized it just right to fit with the mood of your playlist. Now it's time to fill out the details. The spirit of has always been and always will be sharing the love and thoughtfulness that you have put into making a mixtape with your friends. We have made this easy for you by displaying all your Facebook friends right on the dedication module. If you have logged in via Twitter you will have to connect to your Facebook account in order to dedicate your mixtape to your friends. You can also add a little blurb to describe what your mixtape is all about and you can also tag the mixtape to make it more searchable. you can also toggle sharing options to post and share your mixtape with your social networks. Finally, you simply need to hit the "Share Mixtape" buttons and boom your done! See wasn't that easy?

How to Listen to a mixtape
How do you listen to a mixtape you ask? Well it's just as easy as pie. When you land on the mixtape you would like to listen to you will notice a fairly large "play mixtape" button right above the mixtape sleeve, or playlist if you prefer. All you have to do is click the button and you should see a playlist controller pop up from the bottom of the page. Go ahead and press play to listen from the beginning or you can even look over the list and listen to a specific song if you wish. You will notice two circular buttons off to the side of the play mixtape button, one is for Spotify and one is for Rdio... don't know what these are? They are just the newest and coolest music streaming services out there right now. So both do require that you have a registered account to ake advantage of their services. Spotify currently has a limited free service right now as does Rdio. We're working on new services to integrate so that you can listen to mixtapes through your favorite service, so stay tuned!