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Edward Chan

Happy Go Lucky

Mixtape By Edward Chan - Updated 3 years ago
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Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky

  1. 3:01

    Basket Case

    Green Day

  2. 2:28

    What's My Age Again?


  3. 2:55

    The Anthem

    Good Charlotte

  4. 4:37


    Simple Plan

  5. 3:54

    Summer Paradise - feat. Sean Paul

    Simple Plan

  6. 4:16

    Say It Ain't So


  7. 3:17

    Stacy's Mom

    Fountains Of Wayne

  1. 2:58
    Fat Lip - Album / Explicit Version
    Sum 41
  2. 4:38
    The Minstrel's Prayer
  3. 3:40
    My Friends Over You
    New Found Glory
  4. 4:18
    The Best Of Me
    The Starting Line
  5. 4:11
    Dark Blue
    Jack's Mannequin
  6. 3:06
    Hands Down
    Dashboard Confessional
  7. 3:19
    Dashboard Confessional
Mixtape Description
some songs to kick off the weekend early.
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Dedicated To
Brian Lin
Sang Noh
Robert Jadon
Andy Cheng
Tsega Dinka
Azat Aslanyan
Rob Harol
Mycal Lim
Nancy Wen
Scott Secord
Alex Cheng
Christine Poon
Pauline Tom
Margaret Peng
Blythe Reyes
Jeff Chin
Candace Yoshimura
Connie Lee
Linh Lam Chan
Carol Nguyen
Conway Kong
Vicki Chiu
Nancy Nguyen
Hanae Ozawa
Peggy Wen
Le Quach
Ellen Cheung
Douglas Chanburg
Danny Nguyen
Han Tran
Gary Pak
Alex Chan
Cassie Huynh Diep
Liked By
Sang Noh
Zina Hwang
James Gorlick
Andy Cheng
Brandon Holcomb
Christopher Clark
Dubbed By
Zina Hwang
Eric Machado
Brandon Holcomb
Haley Abramowitz
Played By
Edward Chan
Sang Noh
Vladimir Islamov
Bruce Murrell
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