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Nancy Wen

Sorry So Sappy

Mixtape By Nancy Wen - Updated 3 years ago
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Sorry So Sappy

Sorry So Sappy

  1. 3:45

    The Next Time I Fall

    Peter Cetera with Amy Grant

  2. 5:47

    I'll Be There

    The Escape Club

  3. 3:50

    I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me


  4. 3:34

    Lost In Your Eyes

    Debbie Gibson

  5. 4:19

    Make It Real

    The Jets

  6. 4:54

    'Til You Do Me Right

    After 7

  7. 3:44

    Just Before [I Was Gonna Say I Love You]

    Tommy Page

  1. 3:52
    Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
    Glenn Medeiros
  2. 4:37
    Let's Wait Awhile
    Janet Jackson
  3. 4:45
    Can We Talk
    Tevin Campbell
  4. 3:32
    Could've Been
  5. 4:38
    Love Will Lead You Back
    Taylor Dayne
  6. 3:58
    Eternal Flame
  7. 4:14
    Christopher Cross
very sappy
3 years ago
Mixtape Description
A compilation of some of the sappy songs I use to listen to when I was a wee adolescent; all the while day dreaming about my future boyfriend/Keanu Reeves/boy crush of the week.
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Andy Cheng
Edward Chan
Jennifer Lin-Nguyen
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Vicki Chiu
Carter Fisk
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Edward Chan
Sang Noh
Carolyn Manalac
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Edward Chan
Sang Noh
Nancy Wen
Rob Harol
Carolyn Manalac
Hisako Komahashiri
Ahmed Adel
Paddy Alava
Ciarra Tanakatsubo
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